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Issue 42 - October 1988

Issue 42 - October 1988 Cover Italian Cover

The infamous Zzap! with the game that never was, Katakis. Just as the issue was about to go to press, an injunction was served against the makers of Katakis because the makers of R-Type deemed it too close a copy. This meant that the demo that was meant to be on the tape had to be removed and replaced with another game (U.S. Gold's TIme Tunnel). With this delay the issue was already about a week late hitting the shelves, so they didn't want to delay the issue even further by changing the cover. The cover you see on the right is the Italian version of the same month's issue, this version was obviously printed after the english version so they had time to remove most references to Katakis. The text on the bottom right reads,"Katakis, a 'Sizzler' you will NEVER play?" .



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Hack to the Future - 1999

Hack to the Future - Year 0

Thanks to Fabrizio Gennari for supplying the Italian cover scans.

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