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Issue 79 - December 1991

Issue 79 - December 1991 Cover

The first issue of ZZap under its new publishers, Europress Impact. By this stage the magazine was starting to go downhill a little (IMHO), with the magazine's artwork looking more like a kids comic than a computer magazine but at least Lloyd was still around, for another couple of months anyway. Either way, it was still very nice to have ZZap back and as usual it was packed with game reviews such as Smash TV (93%) and Hudson Hawk (82%). There was also a very interesting article about a new 3.5 inch disk drive from TIB for only £99. (pity it was never fully released) Of course the best thing about this issue of ZZap was on page 26, i.e. a letter by me about the C65 which was published in the ZZap RRap. Click on the right page above to get a better look at it.



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