Merry Christmas 2008

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andy vaisey
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Merry Christmas 2008

Post by andy vaisey »

I know there is a similar thread in the TFYATDT forum, but I wanted to do a ZZAP! one and be the first just like last year!!

Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year fellow ZZAPer's!
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Post by Iain »

Merry Christmas one and all (apart from Mr. Zzapback of course! - not because I hate him or anything! )

I was just looking at an old Christmas thread with a nice Zzap Christmas drawing on it

This site's now been going longer than Zzap ever did. How's that for staying power? :)
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Sixteen Plus
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Post by Sixteen Plus »

Zzappy Christmas Eveybody :-D
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Post by Mayhem »

Xmas Xmas Xmas time... and turkey time to all! ;)

(except vegans!)
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Post by Mort »

Have a great time guys, and will try to get some new Commodore material done this year :wink:
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Post by retronut »

happy christmas to all in zzap64 land :D
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