EX-PLUS CARTRIDGE + English user manual

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EX-PLUS CARTRIDGE + English user manual

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EX-PLUS It is designed for computer Commodore C64 and C-128 (in C-64 mode) and extends their capabilities with the following features:

TAPE EXPANSION: It allows Load and recording programs 10-times TURBO and allows for correctly set the head cassette recorder.
DISK EXPANSION: It allows Load programs from disks 6-times TURBO and allows you to view floppy disk directory using only one key.
FUNCTION: This 7 additional commands offered by the cartridge to facilitate using it.
FUNCTION KEY: More importantly commands and functions are accessed by pressing one of the function keys.

Price(EX-PLUS + user manual ) 15 EUROS + tracked shipment 5 EUROS Worldwide +5% Paypal fee or as a gift.


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