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Ian Osborne
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Re: Danny Duster

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knight_beat wrote:Ian, did you know Crash #98 was the final issue? When was the decision to swap the magazine made? The editorial and next month page make no mention of it and the 'Crash into SU' looks like a last minute addition.
Correct - we were told when the magazine was pretty-much finished, and as you say, the merger material was rushed into the mag.
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Roger Frames
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Re: Sinclair Force

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Ian Osborne wrote:The editor got the team to produce a fake review for a game entitled 'Danny the Duster's Dirty Deeds'.
Poor Lucy Hickman is bound to remain an ambiguous figure it seems. :lol:
Famous Mortimer
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I had a little school exercise book which I filled with Zzap style reviews. Them were the days.
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