Hi, I need some zzap 64 help please!

Tell us about what Zzap meant to you as a lad
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Hi, I need some zzap 64 help please!

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Firstly thanks for the great site!


In my dim and dingy past I sent in my photo and high score for a game to zzap64 magazine, and it was duly printed in one of the mags.....

I have since lost the magazine after my divorce and I am desperate to get a copy of the magazine.

I don't know which edition it was in and would ask, very nicely...if any of you can check the back issues for me to inform me of exactly which issue it was in.

My picture was printed in the high scores section, the game was Ghostbusters (bloody great game!) and my name is...unsurprisingly John Edmunds, from Swindon (then not now)

It was somewhere between issue 3 and then end of 1986 I think, but the exact one is what I am after if any of you can help me.

I would be eternally grateful for this info, I am a geeky looking bloke with dark hair and specs in the pic!

many thanks for any info found in advance, if you are unable to help me then thanks for your time in reading this begging post!

John Edmunds
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Post by Iain »

You can actually do it yourself as all the issues are scanned and online!

Here's a link to issue 3 to start you off:


You can get to the other issues from the front page of the site and click "Scan Versions"

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