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Posted: Tue Jul 08, 2014 11:03 pm
by Terry93D
I'm the EiC of a small videogaming magazine called UDLR Magazine/UDLRzine (it varies) which is currently sold via Magcloud. I've gotten issue 0 and 1+2 out, and for the future I eventually want to self-publish it rather than use Magcloud.

Due to influence from various magazines, I am beginning to implement a sense of humor for UDLR 3, and I plan to introduce margin comics (that's Zzap!64 influence right there!) and so have created a number of characters...

I've also (Zzap!64 influence again) been planning to draw those characters, the... I don't know the exact word but I believe it's called avatar of the reviewer in positions. I've already taken the photos of myself to do it, but I'm having issues doing the actual drawings. I'm horrible at drawing myself, apparently. I'm not that good an artist either, well, I'm alright, but I'm certainly not the 2nd coming of Oliver Frey...

So, the links: -- the Official Website. I don't have the money for a domain that I own, unfortunately... -- the Facebook page. -- the Magcloud UDLR Magazine collection, where 0 and 1+2 are sold. -- My blog.

Hope you are interested/weren't bored by me, and feel free to give us a like, contribute, and purchase! And, a minor note, but the inbox/mailbag/letters are open, so feel free to write one (it shall be included in UDLR 3).

EiC of UDLRzine

Re: UDLRzine

Posted: Wed Jul 09, 2014 1:28 am
by Terry93D
Oh yes - and the contact - email is at - so feel free to shoot a letter, contribution, comment, suggestion, or donation offer. We will not however accept goat sacrifices ;)