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Free to Anyone

Post by ceymore »

Hi All,
I Have various mags,
your commodore Oct 84, (issue 1) up to March 1987,
and then April 1988 and August 1988

ZZap issue 6 to 44, and then issue 65,72,77,86.

Commodore computing int. June 1987 to Sept 1987, October 1988 to April 1989

Commodore disk user January 1988 to October 1989, August 1990 and March 1990

Also freeze frame mk 3, expert cartidge, Super breaker backup board,

Comm 64 programmers reference guide, working commodore 64, secrets of the commo 64, commodore disk companion. (christ this is hard work!!!) and various odds and sods.

If anyone has any interest in these relics then you'll have to collect them ALL or they have to go to the big commodore in the sky. I live close to Wigan,

Some mags are VERY well used but lots are in good condition.

I'd hate to just bin them all


Apologies for posting here and in general but the wife said this was a better place to post it. :roll: :oops:
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Post by Mort »

Hi Ceymour,
I would like a few of the mags and the carts, will pay postage or do yo a dvd as part exchange ;-)

June 87 ,Oct 88,dec 88,Jan 88 of are needed for the ccis

Cheers Mort :D
Where`s my screwdriver, need to replace another 6581 Sniff
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Post by Iain »

Hope you haven't left it too late! :-o
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