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As some of you already know, I'm leaving the fair shores of New Zealand, and heading out into the world to seek fame and fortune (well, ok...mainly fortune) ;-)

I'll be going over to Oz, then off to the U.S., then on to Mexico before finally ending up in Dublin, Ireland where I'm hoping to find work.

So if you happen to see a geeky looking foreign chap wandering about with a dazed look on his face and a redheaded female on his arm, then by all that's holy offer the poor bastard a beer (or a wave I suppose), because it's likely to be me :-)

This obviously means that I'll have to put "Brigadoon" on hold for a while, so like it's mythical namesake the Zzap pages are heading back into the mist (though hopefully not for a hundred years).

By all means, download, mirror or grab these pages while you can.

Thanks to all of the fantastic people who've emailed me over the past while, it really does make a difference.



Last updated: 9th May 1999

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