Issue 108 - What's happened to 108?

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Issue 108 - What's happened to 108?

Post by gaelliott »

Zzap64 was launched on 11th April 1985 and the 20th anniversary of this monumentous event will soon be upon us.

Three years ago, after the launch of issue 107, I suggested on this board that if there were to be an issue 108 then it should be brought out to mark this event. However, the 108 juggernaut seems to have lost impetus over the last year. Does anyone know what the current state of play is with this project?

To produce another issue will require a great deal of unpaid work for a large number of people and I can appreciate how many of the original contributors may not wish to make the same sacrifice again. If this is the case then let's draw a line under this whole subject and declare 107 to be the final issue.

On 11th April, no matter where we are, let each of us take a minute to toast 20 years of the remarkable Zzap64.
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Post by Iain »

Yeap, I know April 11th is a very special day but issue 8 is on a back burner at a very low heat, in fact the heat is so low, the issue is cold.

There is an explanation somewhere else in this 108 forum.
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Post by Lloyd Mangram »

Issue 108 is declared 'braindead' by Gordon Houghton and Craig Grannell, two of the editors of issue 107.

But...we have a surprise for all Zzap fanboys at heart...

if only Iain would read his e-mail I could anounce something rather interesting. :D

Have a look!

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