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Did you agree with them etc.
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Post by Fab »

I searched the Zzap! bible for Catalypse. Nothing.

After some digging, I tried searching for Calalypse. Something is found, and points to Catalypse review in issue 84...

In issue 84's table of contents, too, the spelling was Calalypse. This reminds the old Bibles printed on Zzap! If a game review was missing from the table of content but present in the mag, for some reasons it was missing from the Zzap! Bible. Luckily Iain's Bible corrects this.

(P.S. the game is not as bad as the review says...)
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Lloyd Mangram
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Post by Lloyd Mangram »

umm, yes? :shock: :D

Btw Fab, what are you doing in Amsterdam?
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Post by Professor Brian Strain »

Catalypse is an odd one.

Commodore Format gave it a Corker at over 90%.
ZZAP! panned it completely.

The one thing that really strikes me when playing it is just how similar to Armalyte it is - not just the look and gameplay, but whole sections of the game seem very similiar...
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Re: Picky mode on

Post by Iain »

Fab wrote:I searched the Zzap! bible for Catalypse. Nothing.
Thanks for reporting that!

The original Zzap bible (as printe din the mag) was full of errors alright, but as you say, I think I corrected most of them.

The one you pointed out will be fixed tonight! :)
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Post by titch »

Cracking lookng game that i never knew existed.

Another too my ever lengthening list of must play games....

Armalyte clone and a half even if i have only seen about 6 screen lengths worth

As close as Great Giana Sisters is to Super Mario
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