Memories 2013

Tell us about what Zzap meant to you as a lad
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Memories 2013

Post by Jianso »

Not my first, but my most influential.

Zzap! June 1987

The cover tape was amazing.


The 3d demo (quick google) The Day The Universe Died
I thought a new age in C64 3D games was approaching..
I was as wrong as I was young.

Gribbly's Special Day Out - I saw this as a great test of new joysticks.

Konix Speedking was the best but hurt after a while,

Konix Navigator was actually slightly better.

Last Ninja Demo

and Jeff's stuff.. Made In France..?!

Anyway, some memories from me.

I've been away a long time - I actually contributed a little once - but now I'm back... and everyone seems to have left.

Is the C64 retro mag scene dead or am I barking up the wrong tree?
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Re: Memories 2013

Post by Professor Brian Strain »

Not dead, just quiet.

Most important link is Bombjack's archive at
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Re: Memories 2013

Post by Iain »

I got the DVD collection from Bombjack a couple of years ago. Very impressive collection, but I haven't actually read much off it.

I wonder if I need a tablet to use on the toilet so I can read all these scans! It never occurs to me to read them on the laptop. Too much attention distraction from the Internet I guess.
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Re: Memories 2013

Post by andy vaisey »

Iain wrote:I wonder if I need a tablet to use on the toilet so I can read all these scans!
Too much information? ;)
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