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Personal Computer World (PCW)

Post by Iain »

I just discovered that this magazine had closed last year (August 2009 was the last issue).

Sad to see it go. When I was living in England I subscribed to it and I have a couple of very old issues of it.

It started in 1978, so had rather a large run through the beginnings of the personal computer story.

Interesting article about it by Gordon Laing (who worked on it) ... ituary.htm

So Mort, when you going to start scanning? Some of its issues were rather large, should keep you going for a while!! :)
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Post by RichH6109 »

If Mort doesn't scan the adverts he should be able to do the set in an afternoon.

I used to always buy PCW when I was looking for a specific bit of hardware but I don't think I ever bought it for a leisurely read.
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Post by Professor Brian Strain »

Ah, but the adverts are an integral part of the nostalgia. Did we really pay over a thousand quid for a 486 PC? Did anyone win the Pools sending off for one of those dodgy-looking "computerised systems"?
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