Last Gamer or Best House Ever!

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Last Gamer or Best House Ever!

Post by Iain »

I've been watching videos on the Last Gamer site and he has a incredible arcade room behind his Garage (Outrun, Powerdrift, Afterburner etc.) and a museum like retro and modern game room. Museum like because of the vast collection of systems and games.

I'm half way through watching the videos of the building of his new games room and getting very jealous. On a related (to this site) note, I also noticed an issue of Zzap on the floor in one of the videos :)

Just a great site, with tours of his arcade and games rooms, game comparisons (e.g. review of Outrun over various systems) etc.

As I said in one of the comments, I wish I lived around the corner from him and could be his new best friend ;-)
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