The 64

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The 64

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Just as an addendum to the Vega thread, I'm sure you've all seen this. ... -console#/

I'm not confident this will ever see the light of day.
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Re: The 64

Post by Iain »

RichH6109 wrote:
I'm not confident this will ever see the light of day.
I'm kinda of the same feeling. They were very vague on the hardware specs initially although they did add some eventually...

I see that the funding has finished as well, so we can just sit back and see how it goes.
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Re: The 64

Post by Professor Brian Strain »

I'm in two minds about this.

I did not back the Indiegogo appeal, because of the vague specs. And the mess that was the new "Coleco" console and the Vega + debacle (with people leaving) soured me on the idea of backing hardware that way. Mainly because there is less certainty backing through Indiegogo than Kickstarter.

However, certain aspects appeal.
- cartridge port for compatibility
- exclusive edition games on the way
- a long-term replacement for failing hardware (I just had another C64C fail :cry: )

So, if it goes on public sale I will consider buying one.
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