Two requests: who wants to help me out!? Reward!

Discussion of the Zzap special by Mr. ZzapBack

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Two requests: who wants to help me out!? Reward!

Post by Lloyd Mangram »

Hi folks!
I have one or actually two requests.

Can someone of you make some clear, nice digital pictures of Zzap/RG at the shelves of your local (or not so local) WHSmith?

Please send the pics to my account.

If you send me usable photomaterial I'll reward you with a cd full of DEF Tribute material and hi-res pdf's.

Mort, you offered to buy me a copy, please do so.
But since I won't appear at CGEUK (yeah, I know -big shame) could you send it to me? I'll cover all expenses. (no really! :wink: )

Thanx a lot! :D
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Post by Mort »

No Worries Rob,
Consider it done, I am picking up 5 copies for friends locally (bet it will confuse the hell out of the checkout girl). Will also take my digi camera along for the photo (if the batterys last).

Cheers Stephen aka Mort :)
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Post by Iain »

I want to see you in front of the Retro Gamer stand with the Def tribute held up!!

Asking the checkout girl to photo you doing that would really confuse her! :-D
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