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Professor Brian Strain
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Have to agree with the sentiments... I can't believe it's three years, and it was a great project I was glad to be involved in.
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Post by Iain »

It's a funny thing, time.

Issue 107 and the Def Tribute were made as a homage to an old magazine, but they in themselves have started to become retro.

Quite deep when you think about it! x-)
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Lloyd Mangram
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Hey Andy Vaisey,

I have a bunch of DEF Tributes over here.
Can I send you one?
PM me your address/details and I make you sure you get a *mint* copy. :D

To all:
I'm glad everybody's proud of the DEF Tribute. I'm glad you all helped me out putting it together. Craig's support and efforts were very important, or else the magazine wouldn't have been taken seriously, with MY kind of English. :shock:

The only thing I'd like to see one day is the Zzap stuff (an interview with me plus the extra stuff that went into Retro Survival) which was supposed to be in Retro Gamer issue 19. I'm 100% sure that it's out there with the ex-editor of RG (what's his name, Martyn Carrol IIRC?). I hope one day I'll get the pdf's of that particular 'lost' magazine.

Plus I have a huge pile of research, ideas and material in my little office about the DEF tribute. I always wanted to put it online or something.
Maybe not. Or I put it on eBay, or send it to Iain or Craig.

I'd love to do a get together with staff and fans someday in Ludlow, I doubt it will ever happen though.
I don't think there is enough interest to do something with 25 years of Zzap in 2010 I'm afraid, magazine wise. Although I'd really like to interview Julian, Jonathan and for example mr. ex-ELSPA.

I have to say that since my gamecube and now my DSlite and the Wii, I'm losing quite a bit of passion and interest for all things retro. I think, gameswise, we never had it better IMHO. It's weird I know.

Oh well....
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andy vaisey
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Mr.Zzapback wrote:Hey Andy Vaisey, I have a bunch of DEF Tributes over here. Can I send you one? PM me your address/details and I make you sure you get a *mint* copy. :D
That is incredibly generous!
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