Zzap! Editorials 1994


Issue 104 - January 1994



There are, to be condescending and tell you what you already know, many ways of looking at things. For example, I don't own a car, and suffer from lack of real mobility. On the other hand, hooray - I don't have a car, don't have to pay for insurance, petrol, maintenance... and I can sucker friends into driving me around with minimal hassle. Disadvantage? Ha! No way!

Okay, I'll get to the point - COMMODORE FORCE now costs £3.50 per issue. But look at it another way - wow, COMMODORE FORCE only costs £3.50 an issue! On this month's Reel Action is one of the biggest and best C64 titles ever. Impossible Mission 2 scored an astonishing 96% in its ZZAP! review, and it's not the only title on RA this month. When you consider C64 budget software sets you back £3.99 - and that's for just one game - is £3.50 too much to ask for, when for that sum you receive top-quality games and the world's biggest C64 magazine? Basically, C64 software is becoming increasingly difficult to find, so we - being the caring, clued-up types we are - reckon you want games, and we're fully prepared to provide them. But only the best, mind.

After discussing the difficulties and costs involved in licensing such prestigious titles every month, we felt a price increase would - as long you penny-pinching lot out there accepted the logic of it, something we believed you would - facilitate the existence of a better deal for everyone. Quality titles are expensive - it's not as if we're increasing the price for the sake of it. You want the best deal available and, hand on heart, we want to provide it.

While I'm on the subject, you'll also notice there's only one tape this month - let's face it, you'd be pretty stupid if you haven't. Well, to make things clear, we've abandoned the idea of cover-mounting two medium-sized cassettes in favour of one ultra-large spectacular. If you want the software and the best, most relevant and up-to-date C64 coverage, there's only one magazine to buy. That's COMMODORE FORCE, that is...


James Price, Editor



'Hey, I've got a big team at last,' said James. 'Now I can spend
all my time going at the pub and, when it's closed, I can come down the COMMODORE FORCE office and play Mayhem!' That's all very fine and well, but what do the others think of this? 'To be honest, I don't care.' exclaimed James. 'I reckon they should all get a pay cut for not being as good looking or talented as myself' he concluded, modestly.

'I've had enough of all this
Mayhem-playing laziness from James' revealed Miles. 'I'm going to eat the disk. Here goes... chomp smack whistle... burp!... much better. That'll show him. And if he wants to argue about it, I'll write to my MP and complain. He goes to Parliament, you know. And he sits close to John Major. Probably close enough to smell his pants. Or, if he wanted, close enough to grab the back of them, pull hard and shout 'MELVINED!' before running off into the sunset.'

I don't want to be a pudding,' cried Rob. 'Can't I have a proper picture of me? I'll look really pretty, honest. And I'll get you lots of extra readers, or something.' Rob's pleas, however, fell on deaf ears. James and Miles thought the pudding was hilarious, and that it suited Rob perfectly. What will Rob be next month? After all, it can't be festive, as Christmas will have come and gone. Suggestions on a postcard, please...

'I'm a little teapot short and stout,' chirruped Ian. 'Here's my handle, here's my spout. When I hear hear the teacups hear me shout, tip me up and pour me out.' Whatever could he mean? Regardless, welcome back to the team, Ian...

Issue 105 - February 1994



Well, Christmas has come and gone - I expect I'll spend the rest of this year trying to get rid of this hangover I've acquired...

So what does 1993 have to offer for C64 users? Sadly, it doesn't look like much. Binary Zone PD in their various guises are practically the only company interested in developing new software, while previously loyal publishers such as Alternative and Zeppelin turn their backs on the '64 because it's no longer the lucrative platform it once was. Still, at least we're in action - this month's superb Reel Action cassette is possibly the best yet, with the amazing Bionic Commando, the astounding LED Storm... we've even got Trantor, developed by the programmers of Mortal Combat. Could all you C64 owners ask for more? Hardly.

Still, even though it's infuriating to walk into a shop and not find any C64 games - even when it's a kebab house, depending on how drunk you are - there are many bargains to be had. Check out the ad's in this month's issue - mail-order companies are offering classic titles for surprisingly low prices. Why worry about a lack of new games when there are literally thousands of others to be found?


James Price, Editor



'In jokes' are probably not the best things to use in magazines. After all, only the targeted individual gets the laugh (or otherwise), so they're a tad limited when you're trying to please thousand of readers. Still, this Who's Doing What section's been getting a bit stale of late, so we're sure only people who know us read it. James says 'secretly admiring'.

Confused? We don't blame you. But we figure that, despite our huge readership, hardly anyone reads this bit any more. You don't want to hear our self-indulgent witterings, do you? Of course not! You buy COMMODORE FORCE to read about C64s, right? Miles says 'Blastaway? Never again!'

Poor old Rob, though. After joining the team last month, he was particularly distressed to find he's portrayed in the magazine as an Xmas pudding. For this issue we reckoned it'd be a good idea - as the festive season's now passed - to have something equally stupid for his picture, but the pudding suits him so much, it's gonna stay for another month. Rob says 'I'll tell my mum!'

Ian's just as mad as ever this month, but what you lot out there don't realise is that he's now got a pony tail. We don't know if Ian likes in jokes. In fact, we're all a bit scared of him if the truth be known. It's the way he changes into an elephant when two phones ring at once... no, get away from me with that jacket. I'm not crazy, it's the style of the magazine... aardvark.

Issue 106 - March 1994



Times are hard for C64 gameheads. With a mere handful of commercial releases planned, even fewer chain-stores and independent computer stockists who intend to sell them, it's not hard to see why many 8-bit Commodore users are looking to other systems to provide the entertainment they crave. After all, who isn't impressed by new technology, better systems and the vast amount of software available for the 16-bits?

Of course, COMMODORE FORCE will still be around for a fair while yet, but the decline - even death - of the C64 software market presents us with a dilemma. With so many '64 users and CF readers remaining loyal, we're not planning to shut shop, but it's difficult to fill the pages these days. We reckon we've rounded-up every game genre, discussed nearly every game... without rounding-up the round-ups, I can't see how we can take software features any further! Still, if that's what you want, we'll be willing to try - or would you be interested in a more programming-orientated approach, with utilities on Reel Action (as well as the games) and more pages on coding, game design and Public Domain? Let's be honest. We're trying to sell COMMODORE FORCE to you because:

1) It's our Job
2) We have a laugh doing it
3) We want your cash

Simple, isn't it? Problem is, if we're not writing the type of magazine you want, you're not going to buy it and we won't get your cash. Subsequently, we won't have a laugh doing it, because we won't have done our job properly and we'll be out of work. The solution? Help us to help you to help ourselves! WRITE IN! Tell us what you want and we'll provide it! We hope tha... hang on, a guy on the radio's just said the Queen's fallen off her horse and broke a bone in her hand or something. Oh no! That's terrible! I can't write an editorial column while there's a national crisis on! In fact, anyone wanting to send a 'get well' donation to the Queen can do so to this address: Buckingham Palace, C/O Commodore Force, Ludlow, Shropshire. I'm sure we'll... ahem, she'll appreciate your gesture. Especially if it's lots of cash, and remember to make all cheques payable to 'James Price', ironically the name of the Queen's new Ludlow-based Barclays account. 'Till next month, then...


James Price


The End!!

Unfortuntly, that was the last editorial from the last ever issue of Commodore Force, which was kind of ironic considering many of the comments in the above editorial, e.g. "Of course, COMMODORE FORCE will still be around for a fair while yet,". I actually answered James' request for a letter and detailed how I'd like to see more public domain stuff and programming articles etc.

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