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Commodore Format was the latest C64 magazine to be published, arriving on the scene as late as 1990. It was of a similar format to Zzap and was a welcome bit of competition to keep Zzap on its toes. This magazine was published by Future Publishing, so at least there was very little chance of it going bust. It was also totally C64 at a time when Zzap still had Amiga reviews in it. Commodore Format was still going strong through all of Zzap's troubles and actually survived ZZap in the market place. After Zzap went bust (for the second time), CF went very thin and it's cover tape got worse (the joys of a monopoly) but still continued publishing for a fair few months, finishing up sometime in 1995 I think.

The Magazines

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Issue 01 (October 1990)

Issue 1 Cover

The cover of the first issue of Commodore Format, this issue was jam packed with interesting things, such as a review of the new C64 console and also CDTV. It also had the standard game reviews and tips section.

Issue 12 Cover
September 1991

Issue 20 Cover
May 1992

Issue 21 Cover
June 1992

Issue 22 Cover
July 1992

Issue 23 Cover
August 1992

Issue 24 Cover
September 1992

Issue 25 Cover
October 1992

Issue 26 Cover
November 1992

Issue 27 Cover
December 1992

Issue 28 Cover
January 1993

Issue 30 Cover
March 1993

Issue 31 Cover
April 1993

Issue 32 Cover
Mayl 1993

Issue 33 Cover
June 1993

Issue 40 Cover
January 1994

Issue 41 Cover
February 1994

Thanks to Fastie for scanning in all covers apart from issue 1

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