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Your Commodore was launched in October 1984 and catered for all Commdore computers, but mainly the Commodore 64. It was a technically oriented magazine with articles on programming, hardware and business software but it did have a fairly substancal games section. It also had game listings in the magazine which you could type in. Your Commodore was the second longest running magazine (after ZZap). It kept its technical orientation right up to the end of the 1980's but somewhere around the beginning of 1990 it relaunched as YC, a completely games magazine and a very strange one at that. The whole editorial staff seemed to be completely insane. I'm not completely sure what happened to the magazine but at a guess I think it stopped being published around the end of 1991 or the beginning of 1992.

The Magazines

Here are some covers and a page from Your Commodore in its various forms. I didn't regulary purchase the magazine so my collection is limited. Click on any page to view it full size picture of it.

Issue 2 (November 1984)

This was a great magazine, if you were a programmer at least. The second issue contained many programming tutorials and also game listings that you had to type in. (check out the page on the right!) I can remember as a kid spending hours typing these things in only to spend another few hours trying to find out where I had made a typing mistake causing it not to run correctly. They were great though, you knew the program inside out by the time it was ready to run, I wonder why they don't print listings in magazines these days. (Maybe it's to do with the average program taking up a few thousand pages of text!) There were a few game reviews and also a review of the "portable" SX-64. The page on the right is page 39 of the magazine and contains a listing of a game called Formula One. The controls are Z for left and M for right if anybody feels like typing it in. (?!)

Issue 54 (March 1989)

The magazine changed a lot over the years, with things like more full colour game reviews and less "hacker" type articles but it still had the same focus. There were a lot of listings in this magazine which involved typing in page after page of data numbers, however the magazine still contained some very interesting articles.

Issue ?? (August 1991)

The all new look YC which is about as different as the original that you could get. It was a completely crazy magazine, for example, the game cheats section was called "Oozin' Eugene's Scum of the Earth" and the letters page was hosted by a chap called Post Apocalypse! who had a really bad attitute to everything. The magazine also had a video, film, comics and music page. In some ways it was more of a lifestyle magazine than a computer magazine but it made a nice change to the usual run of the mill stuff.

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