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Game of the Season Autumn 1999

Le Mans by Commodore / Hal Laboratory

Another excellent and very playable game from Hal Laboratory. They were also responsible for such classics (in my mind anyway) as Clowns and Pinball Spectacular. The game is based on a old arcade game (perhaps of the same name) where the idea of the game is that you are taking part in the Le Mans 24 race, driving through daytime, nighttime (with only headlights to guide your way), through snow and on motorways etc. It's a race against time so if you crash too many times you'll run out. The only thing missing in this game is a counter of your position in the race which would have made it all the more exciting. See below for game instructions.

Screen Shots

Title Screen

Night Driving

The title screen

Driving at night, not the brightest headlights though!

Snow Driving
A quick snow strom and you're driving over ice and snow


Nothing too complicated here, just drive as fast as you can without hitting anything, the other drivers drive very erratically so try to dodge them. Over take nine cars to receive a bonus of 1000 points and gain extra time by reaching a checkpoint.

Playing the Game

You can control your jetpac type character by the joystick in port 2 (or equivalent keys on your PC)

LEFT = Steer left
RIGHT = Steer right
FIRE = Accelerate (releasing the fire button brakes)

Now, get the game lemans.zip (WinZip file)

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