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Game of the Season - Summer 2001
Core Design 1989

Rick's mission is outlined Aztec Temple Egyptian Tombs

  Arghhhh! This is such an infuriating yet extremely additive game. The basic concept of the game is a platformer very much in the vein of Indiana Jones "Temple of Doom". You have to rescue the treasures from the Aztec temple, Egyptian tomb and the enemy fortress while avoiding the numerous traps and baddies along the way.

This is where the infuriating part comes into play. You have to tread very carefully as many of the traps aren't all that obvious and before you know what's happened, you've got a spear sticking out of your stomach. You are then brought back to the previous start point with one less life and one lesson learnt. However, this just makes you more determined to get past the trap this time and because the start points are dotted fairly frequently around the levels, it doesn't get overly annoying.

The traps can be overcome by many means but the most common method is simply to get down and crawl thus avoiding most of the airborne traps. You'll meet your first trap very soon after starting the game, this one comes straight from Indiana Jones. Some advice, RUN!

  You have three weapons at your disposal, the dynamite, the big stick and the gun. The dynamite can be used to trigger traps, blow away walls or just kill the enemy. Just make sure to get the hell out of the way once you light a piece! The big stick can jab the enemy or press buttons. The gun shoots them and can also trigger traps. You have a limited supply of bullets but these can be replenish by picking up a bonus left behind when you kill an enemy.

Rick is controlled by a joystick in port 2 or the equivalent on your emulator.

Without the Fire button pressed
Left or Right causes Rick to walk left or right.
Up causes Rick to Jump in the air.
Up and Left or Right causes Rick to jump in that direction.
Down causes Rick to duck down.
Down and Left or Right causes Rick to crawl in that direction

With the Fire button pressed
Left or Right causes Rick to use his short stick.
Up causes Rick to fire his gun in the direction he is facing.
Down causes Rick to light and drop a stick of dynamite.

  rickdangerous.zip (WinZip file, 41k)

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